{November 2, 2008}   Gonna miss those days

Katta chats and my friends… In a few days all that ends!

But I am not sad, and I know why

Coz, In a few days, I am gonna fly high!!

      End of college days, and start of a new life…. the current phase of my life. Feels like yesterday when just out of school i was dreaming about my wonder-college-years. When all school friends dispersed across the globe and the “huge challenge” of befriending new mates stood before me. And whats more, getting into “The elite” Fergusson college. My God! was i scared on the first day!! I had dinosaurs running about my stomach. But then, as talkative as I am, It wasnt very difficult for me to strike a conversation.

      With a few ups and downs, friends and not-so-good-friends, great times and worst times, as also the submissions, projects, lectures, and a lot of lessons about real world; I must say, College life,  went pretty smoothly :).

      Now, with a post-graduation almost there, I stand at the threshold where my happy-go-lucky life ends.. to give way to a new life. A life where I cant simply bunk a lecture and catch a movie. Where I cant persuade a professor to extend a deadline.Hmm… Maybe it would be fun… in a very different way. Working in the real corporate world. Meeting new people. Working….In the real sense. Learning something new everyday. Most of all, being Financially independent.

      Now, I daydream about this new life. I am a bit apprehensive too. The dinosaurs in my stomach have started running again. And this time they are racing around.


Nikhil Kardale says:


That’s very well put! I can almost relate to your feelings and apprehensions and ‘the dinosaurs’.. I had similar ones during my college-end days 🙂

‘All the Best’ for all your future endeavors..

Just one suggestion.. something which I learnt from self-experience.. don’t ever loose your ‘natural self’ in the big ‘practical’ world out there..


nuttieprofessor says:

hey girl … the whole life is ahead of you like a vast sheet of white canvas … ready to be colored and sprayed with colors and designs the way you like … go get your paint-brush and get going … am sure the result will be spectacular … all the very best in all your endeavours


sanket says:

I think everyone of us are gonne miss those college days…
bunking lectures,pracs…internals(open book tests)…
those days will never come again…
sometimes I feel that ,why MCA is only 3yrs course ,y not 8-10yrs…
nways but now we to face the reality and have to prepare ourself to work for next 15-20yrs…ALL THE BEST

Nirav says:

You seem to write an honest blog. If we ever meet with other Mensans, you may get many book and movie recommendations. For now here’s some movies you should watch in case you already haven’t –

Mr. Destiny
Breakfast Club
Children of a Lesser God
Terms of Endearment
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Life is Beautiful
Dead Poets Society
My Girl (the one with Macaulay Culkin in it)

Best from Bombay,

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