{April 26, 2009}   God in small things

Its strange how, at times, life dishes out sudden unwanted events before us and stranger that they somehow turn out to be “One of the best things that ever happened to me” Really… Out of self-experience… I have become a true believer of “Everything happens for the best!”

Each of us must have had moments of “If I could go back in time… I would change this or change that.” The truth is, even if we really could go back in time, I believe, events – good or bad, would have still stayed the same… occurred in the same fashion. They were meant to be that way, to make us the kind of person we are today. Yes, they broke our hearts, but gradually made us realize that they occurred to avoid an even greater loss… or at times even culminated into things that gave us happiness beyond perception… things that couldn’t have been imagined even in our wildest dreams… things that strengthened my belief in the almighty, strengthened the feeling that He is there… present in every small thing in and around us.

Some may disagree with me. I don’t blame them. I remember myself, a few years back, strongly denying the existence of God. Even today, I don’t believe that He exists only in some idol and we need to worship the idol in such and such way to please him. Like my mother says, “God is always pleased with us, as long as we don’t go out of our way to harm anyone.” Coming back to my point, God may not exist in a particular idol. But, what makes me make a particular decision, do a certain thing, think in a certain way… generally behave the way I do? What makes me meet certain people along the way, be close to some, aloof to others, remember some for ever and never remember some? What takes me to a certain place at a certain time? How does this coordination of events of each person’s life occur so smoothly? Why is nature the way it is? And why are we the way we are? There has to be some thing that is handling and managing all these things together. I call THAT God.

Lets face it; some things cannot be explained scientifically. There are a few things and few events that have absolutely no logic in them. They just sort of happen and we are left wondering… “Why??” But I believe, there is something great happening with each occurrence of insignificant, forgettable little things. Events that leave us drowned in sorrow are, may be, actually needed to take us via a different route to a happier tomorrow.

Looking back, I now realize that some things that made me and kept me depressed for days have always proved themselves to be a blessing in disguise. At that time, I cursed God for what happened. But, had they not occurred, I might not have been as happy as I am today. And, henceforth, when an event so unexpected and unwanted occurs, I’ll know that something much brighter lies on the other side of the dark tunnel.

We all think that we are brainy enough to chalk out the path our life will take. We think we can plan everything and we don’t even know what tomorrow has is store for us. I am not suggesting that planning is waste… yep.. it should be done. Yet, God knows what is better for us and may make a few changes here and there in our plan. All we can do is expect the unexpected and accept it gracefully.

Like Godfather Don Vito Corleone says “Every man has only one destiny”… and every small thing that happens takes you closer to it.


Sneha Rathod says:

U know what pri,I have mixed thoughts regarding this.Sometimes I have this strong feeling that God exists and he has his own way of answering for everything I ever want or ever wished but as soon as I turn to reality I realize He’s not there as I can’t see Him or touch Him or feel Him like other things around me which carry more or less,the proof of their existence.
Nevertheless, I still want to believe that God exists as I do not want to be responsible for my acts many-a-times.In a way,I want someone else to be responsible for all the happiness I receive or all the bad times i face.I always thank God for every small wish of mine that came to life even if it was a coincidence.I would say “Thank God!What a great coincidence?”.
Anyone who searches his Life History would realize its’ a Trash-bag of coincidences.With me,it has happened more than once that there would be something I have been longing for to happen and one fine day that thing happens.
In Short,U are quiet right as I have received whatever I have wished for,it may have taken some time but more or less it happens and that’s the reason why I think God gives me everything if I keep believing in Him and keep working towards it.I agree God must be there in small things.What say gal?

Omkar Soman says:

Hey, You said it correctly..
Some things in our life are quite unpredictable. N that’s what we call it as DESTINY. If we try to find out cause, we might not be get it at that moment but, may be a months later, or years later, we realize the importance for the same. Well to have a faith in God, it depends on Individual.But I personally feel that God is there. And I have a faith in him too. Everything in our life happens for some reason. Only the thing is we can’t realize it quite often. N I strongly believe that if I am not getting something today, It doesn’t mean that I will never get it in future. But I will definitely get better than what I had expected n that’s why not getting it today. One thing I would like to say, either by hook or crook you will definitely get in your life, what you deserve. Neither more nor less. Am I right??

Dreamy says:

Well written I must say…I agree with you…like you I too do not believe in the “Idol Worship” of God..but yes, that does not imply that he aint present..he is there when we need him…as our strength…as our companion…as whatever we want him to be..he is just there..there is no why or how to it..u just have to believe in it..and accept it… 🙂

Harshad says:

i have the same thoughts as dreamy …. even i think the same way …. n i feel instead of doing the idol worship put the same strength, money, time etc in doing the good deeds n helping others …

Rohan Salgarkar says:

God assists you to grab each and every piece of this jigsaw puzzle called life. In the end you need to trust him to choose the right.

A good thought Priyanka. I completely agree to what you said and I believe, “If it has to happen, it has to…”

Rohan 🙂

Ya that’s Great…!

I like your though..!

Keep it up…!

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