{November 8, 2010}   The Wall

In the course of our life we come across so many people. Some, we forget.. some we stay cordial with.. some are close. And then there is a group of people we are inseparable with. People with whom we can share our best moments, worst secrets, confide in the most embarrassing things and yet be confident that all these will not affect the bond we share with them.

Through the 24 years of my existence I have been blessed with many such friends. Friends that I don’t need to call and check up on everyday… friends that need not meet me for years together… On the other hand, the friends I know, will be there to shed a tear with me and make me smile through my tears; to laugh with me and share my happiness; to share my anger and frustration and despise the person who upset me; advice me when I am going wrong or just lend me a sympathetic ear. There is some bond that holds us together and keeps us like that even if we know the best and the worst part of each other… something that lets me open up and speak about whatever is on my mind. And it doesn’t  even occur to me, even once, what he or she would think about me.

All this may sound trivial. But this emotional support is like a wall that I lean on when I am about to break into pieces; and it always helps me stand back on my feet again, It has helped me find a firm foothold in this new unknown place. Given me the confidence to deal with new surroundings, pulled me out of extreme grief, when I needed to stand strong and support those in greater sorrow. All through these years, I have always taken this bond for granted. Its true,we never really value what we have until it is taken away from us.

Today all my friends are in different parts of the world. None of us knows how many years  it would take for us to meet again. But, the bond we share stays and stays strong. No matter what part of the world we are in, we know that we will always be there for each other… still sharing every feeling, supporting each other through all ups and downs… Knowing that the wall supports all of us, no matter the distance, no matter the time difference, no matter the hectic schedules, no matter other commitments. we always stand by each other 🙂


Well said. Its great when you can bank on people in this fashion; people with whom you can begin a conversation from the point it where ended the last time you met six months ago. People with whom your wavelength matches; or people who may not exactly understand you, but you can be yourself around them. Its priceless, and its really beautiful!

Nikhil says:

Nice article Priyanka. Few days back I wrote a mail to Suprada saying the same (may be in different mode). Actually thease days we hv a lot of connections thfough social networking sites and all which not only adds to our list of friends but also bring in touch wid them after long time though virtually.

But on the other hand do we really remain on touch wid each other thorugh this ? Actually asa mhantat ki aajkal communication chi equipments vadhali ahet pan mala vatat ki nustich equipment vadhli ahet “COMMUNICATIONCH” lkami jalay … (Kiti mothi philosophy na )

Neway just though to write to u rblog.

The bolg is really nice.

Would luv to get some more in future.

R S says:

How true ……. I am away from my kids for long now … but still have a feeling one day they will come to me.. and we will stay together (this may be my imagination but … this gives me reason to be ALIVE 🙂

Bupesh says:

A nice thing, well said. Your writing leaves the reader asking for more! The title could not have been more apt…

Desi Rambler says:

Thank you! Also thanks for inspiring me to restart this blog 🙂

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